Laser Barcode Scanners
Laser barcode scanners simplify the reading of labels with a very small height. Also,
they might read labels on a curved surface better than CCD or Wand scanners.
ZB3060 Hand -Held Omni-Directional Laser Barcode Scanner
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Quick Installation of a PS/2 Keyboard-Wedge Scanner:
(this is really plug & play, no software required)

    - Unplug keyboard from your computer
    - Plug scanner cable to keyboard port
    - Plug keyboard cable to scanner cable

Connecting a PS/2 Scanner to a Notebook Computer:

The manufacturer does not guarantee, that these scanners work with a Notebook
without external keyboard. They will work guaranteed, if an external keyboard is plugged
into the scanner cable! The functionality is really notebook bios dependent.  
Our offer:
Buy one, try it with your Notebook or take it to the store to find a suitable Notebook. If it is
not working for you, return the scanner. We will refund your purchase price in full, if
scanner and package are in re-sellable condition.  
Quick Installation of a USB-(HID) Scanner:
(this is really plug & play, USB compliant operating system required)

    Plug scanner cable into USB port

Operating System Requirements for USB Scanners:

The operating system must fully support USB-HID keyboards. (e.g. Windows 98 SE,
Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Mac OS 9, Max OS X)
Please follow this link if you are interested in our products and located in Europe!
ZB-3051 Handheld Laser Scanner with Handsfree Stand
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