Linear  Barcode Scanners
CCD barcode scanners are very easy to use. They have no moving parts and therefore
are more robust and reliable than laser scanners. If you need a scanner to read labels
from a distance, be sure to check out the new CCD Long Range Scanner!

The USB Interface is ideal for computers that have no PC/AT or PS/2 style keyboard and
USB only computers like the Apple iMac. It also can be used with laptop computers
without external keyboard.
ZB-8150 Long Range Barcode Scanner
Sale Price:
Quick Installation of a USB-HID Scanner:
(this is really plug & play, USB compliant operating system required)

    - Plug scanner cable into USB port

Operating System
The operating system must fully support USB keyboards. (e.g. Windows 98 SE,
Windows XP Windows 7,  Mac OS X)

USB-Serial please go to manufacturer website to download  Virtual Com Port  Driver
Quick Installation of a Keyboard-Wedge PS2 style Scanner:
(this is really plug & play, no software required)

    - Unplug keyboard from your computer
    - Plug scanner cable to keyboard port
    - Plug keyboard cable to scanner cable

Connecting to a Notebook Computer:

The manufacturer does not guarantee, that these scanners work with all Notebooks
external keyboard. They will work guaranteed, if an external keyboard is plugged
into the scanner cable! Please use the USB interface for the barcode scanner, if the
Notebook/Laptop Computer does have USB ports.

Installation of a RS232 Scanner:
    - Locate serial port (typically DB9) and connect scanner cable to the port
    - Connect power cable to the connector of the scanner cable
    - Plug power supply in outlet
    - You will need to supply software that captures the serial data from the scanner
      and move it to your application.
Please follow this link if you are interested in our products and located in Europe!
ZB-3010CCD Barcode Scanner
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ZB-8250 Long Range Linear Scanner with PDF417 capability
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ZB3000 Hand Held CCD Scanner
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ZB8120 Hand-Held Mid-Range Barcode Scanner
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ZB-3220 Barcode Scanner
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