ZB3052 Hand Held 2-Dimensional Barcode Scanner
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The ZBA ZB3052 is a handheld high-speed 2-Dimensional Imager that touts the most effective scanning capability of any handheld scanner. This scanner guarantees to deliver efficiency to any retail, office or warehouse environment. The high performance decoding technology provides real time scanning of both linear and 2-dimensional barcodes. Although the ZB3052 is slender and lightweight the case is designed to operate in rugged environments. Its durable trigger switch has been designed and tested to withstand heavy usage. The LED and beeper are programmable to cater to the users preference. The ZB3052 is a multiple interface handheld CCD imager scanner and has an optional hands-free stand.


  • VGA Scanning element
  • Long Depth of Field
  • Image Capture Capability
  • Sleek ergonomic design
  • Durable Trigger
  • Visual and audio indicator
  • Based on Motorola Scan engine
  • Optional Hands-free stand
  • Auto detect option
  • Based Motorola 2D Scanning engine

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