The Smallest Barcode Scanning Solution KIT-6000
Barcode Wand Scanner Kit-6000
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The Kit-6000 USB interface simply plugs into the USB port of your PC or MAC and the scanner then emulates the operation of the keyboard.

The Kit-6000 PS2-Wedge barcode code reader is installed (wedged) between the main unit and the keyboard of your computer by using the cable provided on the reader. It also will process and transmit the bar code data to the computer as if it were typed on the keyboard. When the wand is not in use, the bar code reader will not interfere with the normal operation of your keyboard.The keyboard interface cable is shipped PS/2 style connector.

The KIT6000 RS232 is supplied with a DB9 Female connector.


  • Simple installation
  • Low Power Consumption
  • All popular bar code symbologies
  • User programmable

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