RS232 Bluetooth Adapter
ZBA's RS232 Bluetooth Adapter
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ZBA's Serial Port Adapter is a high-performance, low-power serial port cable replacement. The Serial Port Adapter is ideal for applications in telematics, telemetry and industrial data acquisition areas. ZBA's Serial Port Adapter conforms to the industrial standard EIA-232-E for serial data communications. The adapter detects power from pin 9 of the RS-232 connector if available


  • Embedded Bluetooth® Protocol Stack.
    This feature allows for seemless operation without consuming any resources from the the host device.
  • Host or Client roles supported
  • Compliant with Bluetooth Specification 1.1
  • Board Mounted Antenna
  • Range up to 30m (~90 feet) with Class 2

System Requirements

  • Serial Interface:
  • Standard male RS-232 DSUB-9M connector for DTE operation
  • Standard female RS-232 DSUB-9F connector for DCE operation
  • Supports point-to-point paired operation
  • Master/Slave software Switch supported
  • Supported Baud rates 300 to 921kbps in increments of 244bps
  • Please choose the correct option for your application

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