BIFR Display Controller with RS232 Serial Interface
BIFR Display Controller with RS232 Serial Interface
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  • RS232 signals
  • single 9 volt supply
  • up to 12 seven segment displays supported
  • supports decoded and non decoded formats
  • simple ASCII interface
BIFR is an interface and control PCB that takes instructions in single byte RS232 format and decodes them into commands and data for the BxxM04 integrated LED displays with driver. Up to 3 LED display boards (total 12 seven segment displays) can be controlled from one BIFR interface. The LED driver protocol is that of a synchronous serial peripheral (SPI) bus with the data clocked on the rising edge. The interface uses chip enable, data and clock to communicate with display driver IC. The interface board communicates with the host (e.g. PC or microcontroller with RS232 port) via a two way (transmit and receive) serial link which is compliant with the RS232C standard. The host sends 1 byte commands/data to the interface, the interface acknowledges by returning a single status byte that instructs the host of the next byte to send. Decoded, non decoded, decimal point control and annunciator modes are supported. A single +9v supply is required.

Specification Overview

Supply voltage 9V
Supply current 35mA
Number of SPI ports 3
SPI clock rate 10Khz
RS232 signal levels +-2.0 to +-12V
RS232 baud rate 2400 baud
TTL level inputs 0.8 max 3.6 min
Total addressable chrs 12
Operating temperature -10C to +70C

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