BIFQ2 Alphanumeric Decoder for Dot Matrix Displays
BIFQ2 Alphanumeric Decoder for Dot Matrix Displays
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  • RS232 signals
  • Single 5 volt supply
  • Decoded & un-decoded modes supported
The BIFQ2 decoders provides a simple method of interfacing to the BxxCDM family of dot matrix displays. The Q2 provides alphanumeric and some punctuation. Each decoder can support 4 BxxCDM displays. They provide the necessary formatting of the data and the SPI interface to the driver chip. The decoder supports digital dimming and test modes. The on board regulator allows powering from a +9v supply or can be bypassed if +5v is available. By connecting the RS232 interface to a PC serial port the displays can be driven by a simple software program or the keyboard via a terminal emulation program. A fixed 2400 baud 8 bit, 1 stop bit signaling is employed. All bit mapping is carried out by the decoder thus greatly simplifying the software requirement and development time. Applications include message displays, clocks and counters.

Specification Overview

Supply voltage 5 or 9 volts
Supply current 35mA
Number of SPI ports 4
SPI clock rate 40Khz
RS232 signal levels +-2.0 to +-12 V
RS232 baud rate 2400 baud
TTL level inputs 0.8 max 3.6 min
Dimming levels 16
Total addressable chrs 4
Operating temperature -20C to +70C

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