BIFP Decoder with Pulse Counter Interface
BIFP Decoder with Pulse Counter Interface
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  • high and low speed count input
  • counts up to 12 digits
  • selectable up/down counting
  • reset input
  • On board regulator 7.5 to 12 volt input
Designed for use with the BxxM04 display families, the BIFP decoder provides a simple method of displaying direct counting on LEDs. It functions with both slow inputs (such as relays) and high speed (5Khz) TTL inputs. The low speed input has a 25ms debounce. The count input mode is selected via a jumper. The BIFP can support up to three BxxM04 modules allowing 12 digit values to be counted. It features a reset input to clear all digits and a count enable input which allows gated counting. The direction of the count (up/down) is controllable. An internal regulator means that a typical single +9v supply is required.

Specification Overview

Supply voltage 9V
Supply current 35mA
Number of ports 3
TTL level inputs 0.8 max 3.6 min
Debounce time (slow input) 25ms
Maximum input frequency 5Khz
Maximum count 999999999999
Operating temperature -10C to +70C

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