ZBA Bluetooth Evaluation Kit with USB Adapter
Bluetooth Evaluation Kit
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ZBA Bluetooth Evaluation Kit 2.0 Includes:

  • BT-DEV2.0 Bluetooth evaluation board (SPP Profile loaded onto module)
  • BT44-191 Class2 Bluetooth with BC04 module (with on-board antenna)
  • USB Class2 Bluetooth USB
  • CD-ROM with
  • Blue Soleil PC software (compatible with Win XP, 2000)
  • Intelligent Serial Multi-Point AT Command Set User Guide(PDF)
  • DB9- six foot Extension cable
  • 9VDC AC/DC Wall adapter Power Supply

Complete DataSheet

The primary aim of the Bluetooth Evaluation Board is to allow evaluation of ZBA’s Bluetooth products as easily as possible. Additionally, the evaluation board can be used during development as a reliable, tested environment while troubleshooting.

General Description About BT44-191

The BT 44 – 1 9 1  module provides a completely pre-engineered ready to use Bluetooth solution for embedded systems. The module implements the Bluetooth stack through the HCI layer enabling it to interface. The module was designed from the ground up for embedded systems to provide unmatched compatibility, ease of integration, and total cost of ownership