Cascadable 8 by 8 Dot Matrix LED, 64mm height
Cascadable 8 by 8 Dot Matrix LED, 64mm height
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  • serial bus interface
  • single 5 volt supply
  • 16 level digital dimming
  • individual dot control
  • interlocks mechanically
The B64CDM is an 8 by 8 (row by column) dot matrix red LED display combined with a multiplexed drive, integrated circuit with a cascadable serial interface. The serial interface is compatible with SPI, QSPI and MICROWIRE. User selectable jumpers allow the data-in/data-out functions to be swapped from left to right. The displays are designed so that they can be mounted in a horizontal chain and can also be expanded in a vertical plane allowing versatile displays to be built. The 8 by 8 matrix gives enhanced characters over a 7 by 5 matrix and the excellent optical performance allows high visibility and viewing angle. The command set includes 16 level digital dimming, test mode, null command (for cascading) and a shutdown mode that reduces current consumption to 150uA. A single +5 volt supply is required. Applications include message displays, large area display assemblies and graphics panels. LED sizes include (active display area) 32mm by 32mm, 38mm by 38mm and 64mm by 64mm. Alphanumeric character generation using the BIFQ2.

Specification Overview

Supply voltage 5V
Supply current (64 dots on) 330mA
Shutdown current 150uA
Segment current 15mA
Display scan rate min 500Hz max 1300Hz
Dot Luminous Intensity HE red 4.0 mcd
Input clock frequency 10MHz max
Operating temperature -10C to +70C
B64CDM8-R 64mm 8 by 8 Red matrix

More Information

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