4 Digit 7-Segment LED Display with Cascadable Serial Driver, 14mm height
4 Digit 7-Segment LED Display with Cascadable Serial Driver, 14mm height
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  • expandable to 8 digits
  • single 5 volt supply
  • each segment individually controlled
  • 16 level dimming
Four digit seven segment LED displays combined with an 8 digit, multiplexed drive, integrated circuit with a cascadable serial interface. The cascadable feature allows units to be daisy chained and run from the same 3 wire bus. Four digits are mounted with the driver on to the PCB which also has connections for the BM multiplexed display family allowing expansion to 8 digits. The serial interface is compatible with SPI, QSPI and MICROWIRE. The board has jumpers that allow selection of the cascade direction. An on chip decoder allows code B or undecoded modes and supports 16 level digital dimming, low power shutdown and test modes. A single +5 volt supply is required. Each display has a right hand decimal point. LED sizes include 14mm (0.56inch), 20mm (0.8inch) 25mm (1inch) and 38mm (1.5inch) display areas. The BIFC may be used to control this display.

Specification Overview

Supply voltage 5V
Supply current (8 digits on) typ 330mA
Shutdown current 150uA
Segment current 15mA
Display scan rate min 500Hz max 1300Hz
Luminous Intensity typ HE red 2.4 mcd
Input clock frequency 10MHz max
Operating temperature -10C to +70C
Height/Color: 14mm Red

More Information

This product is also available in different heights and with green colored LEDs. If you are interested in these versions, please contact us at mail@barcodemall.com.