Portable Bluetooth Media System
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This Portable Battery operated Bluetooth Advertising system has been designed for ease of use with a very simple to use PC interface to manage and conrol you advertising campaign. The device is quite compact (no larger than a pack of cigarettes) and can be located with a velcro strip almost anywhere for several hours of constant Bluetooth advertising working to drive traffic to your business.


  • Transmit Ads directly to Bluetooth enabled Phones, PDAs, or Laptops.
  • Send images, movies, audio, files, & text messages over the BT link.
  • Compact size.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery for several hours of continious use.
  • ZERO cost to Transmit Data.
  • Knowledge of recipients Phone # is not required.
  • Connect with up to 4 BT devices simultaneously.
  • Messages sent at 30KB/s per channel.
  • Constantly searching for new BT pairings so that as soon as one transmission is completed the Media Center searches for a fresh connection.
  • Easy to use Management software

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